Hello, I’m Jenny.

Hello, I’m Jenny. Thank you for taking the time to view my website. I hope to be of service to you!

A little about myself and my business, Snowdrop Organising:

As one of the first flowers of spring, snowdrops often symbolise new beginnings, hope, re-birth and the ability to overcome challenges. Through my work, I aim to use my decluttering and organising skills to bring about positive change in people’s lives, lifting the physical and emotional burdens that disorganisation and clutter can bring.

I aim to provide a bespoke, non-judgemental and kind approach to reorganising physical spaces, and equally importantly, assisting those feeling overwhelmed by life changes or home moves/downsizing.

My previous role as a funeral arranger has given me insight into the challenges faced by the bereaved. So many families feel overwhelmed by the task of sorting through their loved-one’s possessions. I can give you the time, patience and sensitivity you need to guide you through this difficult process. I have also worked with many clients of a senior generation, who are downsizing in order to move into retirement accommodation, and fully understand the practical and emotional challenges this can bring.

Since becoming a mum, building a business and undertaking several volunteering roles I can honestly say I now fully understand the complexities of family life, and the stresses it can bring. In all facets of life, I have had to employ strategies and systems to allow me to juggle conflicting demands. Now let me share some of those strategies with you.

Feel free to contact me to arrange your free 30 minute consultation.

Please just reach out, and we can take the first steps, always at a pace dictated by you.