Your Personal Assistant

I am able to assist in many administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your priority projects.

The services I offer include, but are not limited to:

Organising Events & making bookings

Imagine you had your own highly organised PA to put everything into place for your next big (or small) event! I can help you look into venues, catering, party bags, entertainment, decorations, the whole shebang!

A totally bespoke service which dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s.

Anything from pulling together a sophisticated baby shower for some lovely ladies, a family celebration for Grandad’s 80th, to a bouncy castle party for thirty 5 year old’s! Simply let me know your requirements and budget – I’ll do my best to make it happen.

I have lots of experience in arranging different types of events, from charity fundraisers to family parties, to hen parties, to wakes. My attention to detail will make sure that you have nothing to worry about other than turning up to your event on time!

Gathering information, obtaining quotes, placing orders & sourcing items

Are there requirements that have arisen as a result or the decluttering services that I have offered you?

Perhaps your space is now so clear that you’ve realised that the skirting board needs repainting, or the oven needs a deep clean.  Let me take all of the hassle out of sourcing those additional services for you.

Perhaps in working with me, you have identified a need for some more storage solutions within your home or office? I can recommend appropriate products, order these, and assemble smaller items where necessary.

Maybe you have just been looking at that garden gate for months, wondering when you will have time to get it fixed?

I can do all of the legwork and present you with a few local quotes to ponder. I can then go ahead and book these services for you if required.

Assisting you with travel, errands and scheduling

Are you in need of another pair of hands to make daily tasks run more smoothly? Perhaps you have a disability that makes an assistant essential to you? Do you need help with running errands, getting to places or running your home?

Perhaps you work long hours and therefore don’t have time for general ‘life admin’?

Do you have a trip to make for business or pleasure, and need help with the planning? I can get right down to detail and book everything you will need to make your trip run like clockwork. Hotel booking, check! Reserved Parking, check! Journey time worked out in advance, check! Whether it be a whistle-stop city visit for a business meeting, or a leisurely week in the Cotswolds with your tribe, I can check everything out in advance. Be it family friendly restaurants, wheelchair accessible rooms, somewhere for afternoon tea with a vintage vibe….I’ve got you covered.

Tackling those mountains of paperwork

Is your home overflowing with bills, letters, memorabilia and goodness knows what other paperwork? Maybe you just need me to organise it all into an easily accessible filing system, and in future it will be easier to keep up to date.

The peace of mind that this type of organising can bring is immeasurable.

I can also offer ideas to display treasured paperwork such as children’s artwork, exam certificates etc, to their best effect.